Aeromexico Airlines Reservations

Get the complete information to reserve seat on Aeromexico and learn about the services offered by the Airlines.

Traveling with family, friends, or colleagues always leave a memorable remark to the journey. Nowadays traveling via air has long been recognised as the safest mode of transportation as compared to other modes .so earlier Booking of the flight doesn’t always guarantee you cheap price of tickets, But It ensure a confirm booking to the preferred seat in flights.

Aeromexico Airlines offers you a complete access to reserve the seat either via online mode or with the help of phone call. So in order to grab the best deal the savvy travellers are required to know how and where to buy the Aeromexico airline ticket and even the time too. After all timing is everything. Let’s move down to the street further and see the complete process of Aeromexico Airlines reservations.

Stick with the steps to reserve the seat on Aeromexico airlines.

Get the confirmation of the flight ticket by following these below-mentioned steps with Aeromexico airlines reservations. So be careful while reading the steps

  • In the initial stage of the process, move to the official website of Aeromexico Airlines.
  • Following above, Give the departure city and destination city.
  • In the next move, Give the date of departure to travel.
  • Mention the preferred class to travel.
  • Hit on search button.
  • Moving ahead, now you will be displayed a list of flights moving to the destination.
  • Now pick the right flight from the shown list according to time and budget.
  • Fill the information of the passenger like name, contact details everything that you may require.
  • In the last step, Initiate the payment process to get the confirmation of flight booking via mail id.

What are the services of Aeromexico Airlines flight?

Aeromexico airline provide full service generally offers passengers the in-flight entertainment, checked baggage, and meals, beverages and comforts such as duvets, blankets and pillows including the ticket price. All the seats of the airline generally have more recline than a low cost carrier as well as more leg room. So start the Aeromexico Airlines flight booking process to enjoy all these benefits.

  • Aeromexico Airline Give excellent service to their passengers by serving single beverages and variety of snacks for both the cabins in domestic flights
  • Likewise, flights moving to the Europe, Argentina, chile and Brazil will be served bar and beverage service, includes a Hot meals in the first service and second meal in the second service.
  • If you are traveling to United States, Canada, South America and central, passenger will be served single beverages and snacks as well.
  • Enjoy the in-flight entertainment services to watch unlimited movies, favourite shows and services and read on board magazines to enjoy your journey experience.
  • Aircraft 737-800's are outfitted with the Wi-Fi, and the Dreamliners have Panasonic broadband internet on board.
  • Make your travel inspiration by reading bilingual onboard magazines, aire & Accent.
  • Regardless of the duration of journey, passenger will be provide a soft drinks and, after 11 a.m., which includes alcoholic beverages.

Know the baggage policies of Aeromexico Airlines

If you are looking to book flight with Aeromexico airlines reservations then you must know all the necessary guideline like baggage policies.

Checked baggage.

  • Under the Basic Fare class checked baggage is not included, only the passenger are allowed to carry-on is allowed like handbag, backpack, portfolio, camera, wallet, etc.
  • For Main cabin carry on and personal objects, only two number of baggage are allowed with a maximum weight of 22lb/10 kg for both number of pieces with the size of each bag can measure up to 21.5 x 15.7 x 10 inches (55 x 40 x 25 cm).
  • For Main cabin checked baggage, only one is allowed with a maximum weight of 25kg and dimension should not be more than 158cms.
  • Passengers traveling with infant are allowed to carry 2 articles during check-in.

 Some other Important Points

  • Apart from the potential points, passenger can exercise their rights as stated under the policy to carry handbag, briefcase, laptop case which comes under the cabin baggage.
  • Passengers with disabilities are allowed to carry wheel chair, crutches, and other orthopaedic device.

Beside, above all the points , if you are seeking further assistance you can call directly to the Aeromexico customer service team of the airlines to get the immediate feedback or response.